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Board Your Horse Naturally!

At Cal's Legacy Acres, we believe that success begins with a happy horse.

Your horse will have ample space to roam and play in a herd environment. We have 40+ acres of fenced pastures in a picturesque hilltop setting with views for miles.

A living situation which provides a natural lifestyle will place less stress on your horse than being confined to a stall. Horses living this way will be more relaxed, therefore they will be more comfortable and well socialized as your riding partner. With over 45+ years of combined experience, we have personally seen the impact that natural horse boarding has on abilities of horse and rider together.

Horses often develop bad habits in stalls such as cribbing or weaving which can be avoided by turning horses out 24/7. For beginner equestrians, we have found that 24/7 turnout is often the #1 easiest thing that can be done to help your horse become calmer, quieter, and easier to ride. 


Come visit Cal's Legacy Acres and see for yourself!

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